Vesterålen Marine Oil and Vesterålen Marine Proteins

for the value of marine raw materials, sustainable oceans and for the persistence of living coastal communities

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Sustainability and environment

We care for the coast, for nature and the ocean and its raw materials.

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Competence development

Our company is built on experience and knowledge for future solutions.

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Innovation and developement

We enhance the quality and potential of raw materials by always developing, always aiming to innovate.



High quality residual raw materials for high quality marine oil



Marine proteins for animal feed and human nutrition


Residual raw materials

High quality raw materials, value for our customers and suppliers

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Innovation and development

By having a continuous dialogue and cooperation with fisheries, marine industries, science and innovation we are able to create growth and value for every stage and every sector of the industry chain. 

Our values

Sustainability and environmental care
We care for the ocean, for nature and its nourishment. Our goal is to contribute to the preservation of living coastal communities, by always striving to create value for marine industries.

Expanding competence
Vesterålen Marine Oil and Vesterålen Marine Proteins is built on a broad field of expertise and experience from fishery, marine science, processing industries and marine technology, an ever expanding field and foundation for our business.

Innovation and development
The science and technology of marine industries and fisheries is constantly developing. Vesterålen Marine Oil and Vesterålen Marine Proteins knows the importance of staying connected and in close cooperation with this field of knowledge and experience, ensuring to to constantly bring innovation to our company. Simply to continue creating value, growth and development for our customers and suppliers.


Tons marine oil produced in 2020

16 years of processing marine resources

By focusing on sustainability, innovation and continuous expanding of competence, knowledge and expertise, we have been a preferred and valued partner for many customers and suppliers through 16 years. Accountability is both the goal and value of our business.


«Orkla Health has cooperated with Vesterålen Marine Oil for several years. It has been a highly valued, developing, professional and accountable partnership for Orkla.»

Shaher Yar Khan
COO, Orkla

«The cooperation and dialogue between Biomar and Vesterålen Marine Proteins has always been built on trust and a mutual focus on finding solutions that fit both companies. As Vesterålen Marine Proteins share Biomars engagement in enhancing the value of local marine raw materials, they were the clear and obvious partner supplying Biomar with marine proteins.»

Arne-Otto Olsen
Produksjonsdirektør, Biomar

«To be a relevant, professional and up-to-date educational research institution means being closely connected to and in dialogue with society and a broad field of industries. The exchange of knowledge and the cooperation with the business sector brings new perspectives for future research within the marine industries.” 

Ida-Johanne Jensen
Postdoktor, Sjømatvitenskap, UiT – Norges Arktiske Universitet