Marine proteins for animal feed and human nutrition

En dame som stenger en krane


Vesterålen Marine Proteins was initiated and established by Geir Olsen in 2016. The company was initially owned by a cooperation of local fish buyers in Myre Port, however from 2018 Vesterålen Marine Oil became the company’s owner. VMP’s goal is to fully utilize the marine residual raw materials and thus also contribute to the sustainability and growth in the local community.


In cooperation with the local feed producer Biomar, VMP develop a pilot technology for producing marine proteins and lay the groundwork for a full scale production. The cooperation with the local company Biomar incorporates the goals and values of VMO & VMP and also exemplify VMO & VMP’s preferred working methods for aiming good results. When cooperating, exchanging knowledge, experience and perspectives, better solutions are often found. For VMO & VMP cooperation is the key to create value and growth for buyers, suppliers and local businesses in marine industries.
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