Science and development

Competence for the future

Regarding marine residual raw materials as a highly valuable resource is an increasingly common view within the field of marine industries and marine science. By meeting resonance for our work in this field, VMO & VMP continue to expand our expertise and experience through dialogue and cooperation with the fisheries, marine science, processing industries and marine technology.

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Olje utstyr

It is important for VMO & VMP to be in line with the development within the marine science and research. The cooperation and close dialogue with Sintef, Nofima, Nord University and University of Tromsø brings many important perspectives to our table. Over the years many students have made visits at VMO & VMP as part of their research for their thesises. The dialogue with students and the research and perspectives they bring forward is highly beneficial for both our company and the future marine industries.

Other development areas

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Sustainability: The valuable food chain

The true drive behind everything VMO & VMP do is our engagement in creating value, growth and sustainability throughout the industry chain.

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Future-oriented and innovative

VMO & VMP is constantly growing and expanding – simply because the marine industry, technology and science is constantly evolving.